Makeup Brush Cleaners

Keep your beauty tools looking their best with makeup brush cleaners

Makeup brushes can harbour dirt and bacteria so it is important to keep them clean to prevent the risk of any unwanted breakouts. Regularly cleaning your brushes will get rid of makeup residue and will keep them looking and feeling their best. Here on eBay, you can find a range of different makeup brush cleaners, from cleansing liquids to scrubber cleaning pads, so you can maintain and prolong the life of your favourite beauty tools. 

Makeup brush cleansing liquid

Makeup brush cleansing liquid has been specially formulated to keep your makeup brushes bacteria free. A cleansing liquid is a great way to remove stubborn makeup, such as foundation, and will keep your brushes looking and feeling fresh. To help your makeup brushes last longer, look out for cleansing liquids made with conditioning fibres to maintain the softness of your brushes. You can find makeup brush cleansing liquid from leading beauty brands including MAC, Estee Lauder and Real Techniques. 

Makeup brush cleaning mats

Cleaning mats are a quick and efficient way to clean your makeup brushes. Available in a range of different sizes, makeup brush cleaning mats have a patented texture to gently cleanse your brushes and dissolve any unwanted makeup. You can find makeup cleaning mats in a variety of different colors and shapes including cute heart shaped scrubber mats and large round mats. 

Makeup brush cleaning gloves

Easy to use, makeup cleaning gloves help to remove product build-up from your brushes. To achieve a deep clean, choose makeup cleaning gloves with different textures to help dissolve every bit of makeup and really clean the root of the brush. 

Makeup cleaning sponges

Makeup cleaning sponges are perfect for using on the go and are a quick way to clean your brushes. Simply glide your brushes against the sponge in a circular motion until the makeup has been removed and your brush is good to use again.