Makeup Bags & Cases

Makeup Bags and Cases

Makeup bags are essential accessories that make storing and traveling with your makeup cleaner, simpler, and more organized. Makeup bags come in many sizes with varying compartments, providing ample space to arrange and store any makeup item in a neat fashion that makes for easy access to the inner contents at any time. These cases also come in many styles, allowing you to choose one that suits your fashion sense and your storage needs.

How do you clean a makeup case?

With all of the makeup you store in your bag, it is easy for powders, mascara, lipstick, foundations, and other substances to get all over the inside of the pouch, so cleaning it when it gets dirty can help keep the bag, your brushes, and the beauty products in good condition. To remove makeup stains inside the bag or case, wipe the product down with a damp cloth or baby wipe. Some bags can be soaked and scrubbed, but note that some leather and other items made of sensitive materials may be more sensitive to water, so read the care instructions before washing. Dry the items by air, and wipe down all of your makeup items before returning them to the case.

How do you know what makeup organizer to buy?

When deciding on a makeup bag, there are many options, and all vary in numerous features that are important to consider to ensure that you pick the right bag or case for you.

  • Size: If you have many beauty products, opt for a larger bag or case with more compartments to keep your bag decluttered. If you are looking for a smaller one for day use, consider the size of your purse or the size of pouch you want to be carrying.
  • Compartments: These bags vary in the number of compartments, some including multiple large compartments, zip pockets, brush holders, and more. If you have many brushes and other similar products, make sure the case has sufficient space to store these items so that they can be kept secure.
  • Style: These items may be made of varying materials, including leather, plastic, velvet, silk, and more, and these materials can come in many colors and patterns, ranging from solid black and gold glitter to clear plastic and faux python. Also consider varying shapes and features, such as a wrist strap and closure.
What is a train case?

A makeup train case is a larger box, chest, or piece of luggage that is designed to hold and organize a large amount of makeup and other beauty products. These larger cases are generally hard sided for a more durable casing, and they also often incorporate collapsible shelves and drawers. Some cases may have wheels for easy transport.

How do you store brushes in a makeup case?

Brushes are a necessary part to any assortment of beauty products, as they are used for many different techniques, and it is important to store them correctly so that they stay in tip-top shape. Keep the brushes separate from other items to keep the hair intact and straight. Some cases have designated loops to put the brushes in to keep them in place. If you have a case with a single compartment, put your brushes in a baggy separate from other items.

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