Maglite is an American company that manufactures a large line of durable flashlights used in a variety of personal and industrial applications. The company first produced flashlights in 1979 for the security industry but soon expanded product lines to cover personal and other commercial uses. Maglites come in a variety of sizes and beam intensities and include either LED or traditional bulbs.

What materials are used in Maglite flashlights?

Maglite flashlight shells are constructed of commercial-grade aluminum and parts. Current models use LEDs, while older models use krypton or xenon bulbs. They also come in a variety of colors, including silver, black, blue, red, green, gold, and purple. The collectible product family of Maglite flashlights also come in several customized paint schemes and patterns.

How long do Maglite’s LED lights last?

The LED parts are a permanent fixture of each Maglite flashlight. LEDs do not burn out like incandescent bulbs, and they typically don’t need to be replaced. Technically speaking, the intensity of an LED may diminish over time, but only after about 50,000 to 100,000 uses. LEDs also reduce the need for batteries.

What types of flashlights does MAGLITE produce?

Maglite offers a product line that covers an array of uses, ranging from small personal LED flashlights that fit on a key chain to industrial-size models used by military and other emergency agencies. Aside from the primary Maglite product categories, they also make a novelty family of flashlights that come in brightly-colored paint schemes of varying detail and patterns. Flashlights are available in LED and classic models in most categories.

  • Compact: Designed for easy storage and simple uses, compact Maglites come in sizes up to 6.6 inches in length with beam distances ranging from 20 – 163 meters. Maglite offers 12 flashlight models in this category, including LED and incandescent versions.
  • Mid size: With a maximum length of just over 10 inches, these flashlights are designed for all-round home and professional use, especially when a modest size is needed. The strongest lights in this family of 13 can project a beam up to 339 meters. LED and incandescent light versions are available.
  • Full size: Maglite’s professional line is used heavily in commercial applications that require durability in more extreme conditions. Flashlights in this group project beams ranging from 366 – 415 meters. Although primarily available in LED lighting, classic versions are still manufactured.
  • Rechargeable: Maglite’s rechargeable category has 6 models of varying sizes and beam intensities for use across a variety of needs. All models in this group have LED lighting and come with rechargeable batteries.
  • Tactical: Designed using the input of military and police agencies, this line of military-grade flashlights is used in professional applications when a small- to medium-size unit is required in the toughest of circumstances. U.S. Agencies that have purchased tactical flashlights include: Air Force Security Force, Naval Security Forces, USS George H.W. Bush (Navy supercarrier), and several others.
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