Macintosh Plus

The Macintosh Plusu001a Place in History

Apple Computers released its Macintosh Plus computer in 1986, the third of its line. It formed one of the first waves of personal computers although its initial price tag kept it out of reach of all but dedicated computer nerds. Hobbyists still enjoy using the classic system and use eBay to obtain parts and working models of the computer.

What should you look for when shopping for a Macintosh?

Keep in mind that itu001as far from an iMac Plus. The Apple Mac Plus offered significant improvements over Appleu001as first two releases, the original Macintosh and the Macintosh 512K. The computer comes standard with:

  • 1 MB RAM
  • an external SCSI peripheral bus
  • a built-in 9-inch 512„342-pixel monochrome display
  • a one-button mouse
  • a 3.5-inch double-sided 800 KB floppy drive

You can upgrade the RAM to 4MB. This device comes in two colors: beige and platinum gray. It was the first Mac to run System 7 OS. Its motherboard featured 128KB of ROM, and the monochrome display provides 72 PPI resolution. It came without an internal fan and could overheat if run constantly. It performs best in cool rooms with an external fan blowing on it.

What devices can you use with a Mac Plus?

The unitu001as SCSI drive enables the user to connect various peripheral devices. These include CD-ROM drives, hard drives, monitors, printers, and tape drives. It provides a proprietary port on the front of the computer for plugging in its keyboard.

Do these computers come with the OS or software installed?

Some of these reasonably priced systems come with the operating system pre-installed. At the time of its release, the computer came with MacPaint and MacWrite. In 1987, Apple added HyperCard and MultiFinder.

What would you use the Macintosh Plus for today?

Use these devices available on eBay as museum pieces or as a part of a computer collection, like the Design Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden does. Many working models still exist. You can find parts to rebuild an existing device, as well. It makes for an interesting conversation piece and a teaching tool in the development of computers and system design.

Working models provide a viable word processor for those more comfortable with a familiar system. The parts available can help keep an older Mac running. You can still obtain printers compatible with these systems. While the software will still function, expect it to work much slower than a modern computer system.

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