Information about the MacBook Pro Retina 13 Case

MacBook Pros are world-class machines. This is why these computers are commonly used by both professionals and creatives across multiple industries. The operating system is second to none and the proprietary software designed for the laptops is some of the most widely used in many different design industries. If you want to protect your MacBook, use a MacBook Pro Retina 13 hard case. There are a variety of different models available for purchase on eBay.

Can MacBook owners get the case color of their choice?

Yes. MacBook Pro Retina cases are available in a variety of different colors. This means you can use a bright case to give your book a unique look to help it stand out from everyone else in the office while also protecting it from the elements. eBay has a variety of different cases decorated with patterns, and there are cases available in just about every color you can think of, including the following:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
Can you use all your laptop ports with a case?

Yes. The cases are custom created specifically for MacBooks to protect the laptop while leaving all of the connectivity ports, including the HDMI, Thunderbolt, and USB ports, available for use. This means that laptop owners will not lose any of the functionality of the computer while they are using the device. Be sure that you are purchasing the right size of case to match the screen size of your MacBook before you make a choice.

Will the case cause laptops to overheat over time?

No. Each one of these cases is designed with vents in the bottom to allow the fans on the bottom of the laptop to blow freely. The ventilation fans are what keeps the inner workings of the laptop from overheating while it is in use. If the cases did not have this venting, the computer would likely overheat quickly, causing major damage in the process.

Will my MacBook Retina 13 slide around in the case?

No. Each case is fitted with rubber bottoms, which will help the laptop stay in place even on slick surfaces. Some case owners even say that their laptop is more stable on a tabletop when it is in the case than when it is not in a case. There are four rubber feet at each corner of the bottom of the laptop.

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