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Honda Accord Lower Kits and Parts

When Honda Accord drivers want to lower their vehicle, they need a lower kit. This system will contain several parts that allow drivers to adjust the suspension system and lower the height of their Honda Accord. It's important to select the right lowering method, however, so that the Accord's suspension system isn't compromised by the change in height.

How do lower kits work?

Lower systems drop the suspension system by one or more inches, minimizing the gap between the top of the tires and the fenders. They work by repositioning the components of this system from the coil springs to the struts. They may also include parts solely designed for the purpose of lowering, like lowering blocks or flips. After they are installed, the Honda Accord vehicle will adopt a ground-hugging stance.

What are the advantages of ride-height adjustment?

When Honda Accord drivers lower their car, they don't merely reap the aesthetic rewards. Lowered ride height also has performance advantages, such as:

  • Comfort - The coil springs used to lower cars provide drivers with enhanced stiffness; many Honda drivers find this to be a more comfortable driving experience.
  • Aerodynamics - When an Accord is lowered by an inch or more, it decreases the amount of air flowing beneath the car. This minimizes wind drag, leading to improved performance.
  • Handling - After lowering a Honda Accord, drivers often notice better handling. This is because the Honda's tires have better grip when the weight of the Accord is closer to the ground.
What components are found in a comprehensive lower system?

Lower systems range from bare bones to comprehensive, but it's always better to choose one with an array of components. This is the optimal way to ensure that the Accord isn't negatively affected by the height drop. They may include the following:

  • Coil springs - Coil springs absorb shock and bear vehicle weight. Adjustable springs are essential to lowering.
  • Tie bar - This bar extends across the bottom of the Honda Accord, helping to secure the various components together. This ensures smooth drive performance.
  • Shocks - These absorb shock and keep the Accord from bouncing. This is important, as lowered cars are more likely to sustain undercarriage damage when they drive over a speed bump.
  • End links - These links connect the ends of the frame components, keeping the entire system secure.
What is a coilover?

A coilover is a specific type of lowering system. It is comprised of a coil spring, which surrounds a shock absorber. Coilovers allow for easy adjustment of car height, because they're equipped with a customizable threaded spring perch. Advanced coilovers are available; they can adjust stiffness, damping, and ride height.