Finding the Right Loose Cubic Zirconia for Your Next Project

Whether you are a jewelry maker or just need CZ stones for a craft project, you can find plenty of varieties of loose cubic zirconia for sale on eBay. Considering the color, cut, or price you prefer can help you narrow your choices and quickly find what you need.

What type of cut do you need?

In most cases, cubic zirconia loose stones are sold in lots. Each lot will have an approximate size range, usually measured in millimeters. And typically, each lot will contain stones of the same cut. Cubic zirconia cuts mimic those used for diamonds. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Round cut: This is one of the more common cuts of CZ. As the name suggests, the stones are round with many facets cut.
  • Emerald cut: This rectangular cut is often used for rings and pendants.
  • Heart cut: This shape, depending on the number of facets, will make the stone look like a sparkling heart.
  • Brilliant cut: This cut is similar to the round cut. The addition of extra facets makes it look dazzling.
Paying attention to the grade

CZ diamond price will vary based on the quality of the stones. But cubic zirconia value can sometimes be subjective, especially if you are purchasing a lot of stones and can't visually assess each one. That is why these stones are subject to a grading system and why cubic zirconia price varies by grade. They may be rated A to AAAAA, with a single A being the lowest quality and a 5A being the highest. This system allows you to choose affordable CZ stones that will be in line with the quality level needed for your project.

For an engagement ring or other special gift, you can find a 1-carat cubic zirconia stone, or even one weighing multiple carats, with a jeweler's certificate that attests to its quality.

What color is right for you?

Most cubic zirconia loose stones offered for sale are clear or colorless and are made to be an alternative to diamonds. That said, cubic zirconia comes in a wide variety of colors. You may have a given color that you are looking for. If you do not, you may be interested in buying a mixed lot. Here are some of the colors available:

  • Birthstone colors: Cubic zirconia substitutes for birthstones are often used for birthstone jewelry. You can buy one specific birthstone color or a mixed lot.
  • Rose: Rose or pink-colored stones look similar to rose quartz.
  • Peacock: This unique type shimmers and slightly changes color in different lights.
  • Onyx: This jet-black CZ stone mimics the color of onyx. Unlike most types of cubic zirconia, it is opaque.