Live Aquarium Betta Fish

Live Betta Aquarium Fish

Betta fish are beautiful to look at and peaceful to watch. They thrive in fish bowls and special tanks, especially those with live or imitation plants. These fish are easy to care for, making them a low-maintenance exotic pet.

How can you tell the gender of the Betta fish?
  • Color- Males have brighter colors, while females have lighter bodies. Red, green, or bright blue on the fishs body is a good sign its a boy.
  • Fin - Males have longer, showier fins that can be double or triple their body height. Females have shorter ones, and their ventral fin (on their underside) looks similar to a comb.
  • Egg Spots-If you look closely, a female will have a white spot about the size of a grain of sand located on its underside in front of the ventral.
  • The Mirror Trick - If you put a mirror beside the fish tank, a male Betta will flare up, showing off his pretty fins and tail.
Why do some people call Bettas Siamese Fighting Fish?

If two Betta males are placed near each other, even if theyre looking at each other through separate fish bowls, they will try to fight each other. Males should never be put in the same tank because they will try to kill each other.

Where does the Betta fish come from?

Bettas are from Thailand.

Why do Betta fish blow lots of bubbles?

That is how female Bettas make their nests.

Can you put Betta in aquarium with other fish?

Male Bettas need to be kept separate from fish of any kind, but female can live with other fish.

How big do Betta get, and whats their lifespan?

Full grown Betta are about two-and-a-half inches long, not including their tail. They can live to be three years old.

What do Siamese Fighting Fish eat, and how do you feed them?

Betta fish eat flakes, pellets, and freeze-dried bloodworms. Give them only as much food as they can finish eating in two minutes. Overfeeding is not good for their health.

Do you have to have a filter for a Betta fish?

No, they dont need to have their water filtered or aerated, and they dont like the way a filter makes the water in their tank move.

What size of bowl is best for Betta fish?

They need a home that contains at least two-and-a-half gallons of water. Many large bowls and small tanks are available. Bettas are often sold and displayed in tiny bowls and cups but can live in them permanently.