Collecting the Historical and Contemporary Stamps of Lithuania

Lithuanian stamps span generations with more variants within each issue than those of almost any other nation. Looking for gems among them is simple compared to the richness and complexity they add to your collection.

Finding the history and culture of Lithuania in stamp collecting

Lithuania is a nation that has been through occupation, reform, and change. As with any nation, these moments in history are preserved in stamps from each era, from the "Baltukai" issue celebrating Lithuanian independence in 1918 to clear influence from each occupying nation until, finally, independence again from 1991 onward.

For collectors with ancestry stemming from Lithuania, stamps can also hold closer ties to family history.

If you're looking for a personal tie to home in your collection, search by region name for local stamp issues. Raseiniai, Grodno, and Telšiai have all issued local Lithuania stamps, among other regions. To search Ebay for Lithuania's stamps by individual region, type the name of the region into the top search bar along with "Lithuania stamps."

How to find rare Lithuania stamps for sale

Lithuanian stamps are unique in that there are thousands of variations available due to error. Some of these variations, too, were destroyed because of the error, meaning limited prints like the 1920 National Assembly Special Issue are reduced in quantity even further.

Look for stamps in prime condition, and if any fault or difference in image sticks out to you, don't be afraid to be charmed by it. Just like variant or faulty comic book covers, some collectors find these faults to hold their own individual value. And because, in many cases, so few copies of a Lithuanian stamp would be issued, which versions you find most valuable often depend on your artistic and historical taste.

To search by condition and narrow results, use the filter tools in the left column to filter by topic, type, or year. For example, searching only for "error" types will yield rare and unusual misprints. Searching for stamps only from 1911-1920 bring you closer to that elusive National Assembly Special Issue.

Which Lithuanian stamps add the most to my collection?

If your stamp collection prominently features history, consider one Lithuania stamp or stamp sheet from each of its periods since adopting the stamp. Ebay has Lithuanian items, including stamps, sorted by year. Use the year filters in the left sidebar to target the time period your collection is missing:

  • 1911-1920 will produce Lithuania postage stamps from the German occupation ending in 1919 as well as the first independent Lithuanian postage stamps.
  • 1921-1930 and 1931-1940 will produce more independent Lithuania stamps for sale.
  • 1941-1950 will produce stamps of the Soviet and German occupations, as will every date range onward until 1990.

Among these time periods, stamps from the first era of Lithuanian independence are some of the most rare.

As with any stamp collection, search for full, intact sheets for high value. In addition, keep an eye out for Lithuania stamps for sale stamped with ink patterns used by the postal service. Many collectors consider unusual ink stamps or markings, such as cachets, to add value and historical interest to a piece.