Lipstick Products


There are many options available when it comes to lipsticks. Lipstick formulations are designed to achieve a range of looks, and lipstick can be found in nearly any color you are searching for.

What is a matte lipstick and how do you apply it?

A matte lipstick has virtually no shine when applied. They can often be very pigmented and require less product to provide a bold look. When using matte lipstick, it can be useful to exfoliate the lips and use a lip primer beforehand to achieve a smooth finish. A matching lip liner can help matte lipstick stay put throughout the day. Once applied, you can use a piece of tissue to blot the lips for a finished look. Many matte formulas are designed to last all day. To remove all-day matte colors, you may need a makeup remover.

What types of lipsticks are designed to be long-lasting?

There are many types of beauty products for the lips that are designed to last all day even if you're eating or drinking. Some products that can get you through a long day at work, school, or a special event include:

  • Lipsense Long Lasting Lip Color comes in many shades and is designed to last all day.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lip Color offers long-lasting, full coverage lipstick that doesn't smudge.
  • Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick is easy to apply, goes on smooth, and comes in many shades.
  • Mary Kay Creme Lipstick is a stay-true color with a creamy finish in many shades of pink, red, and neutrals.
  • Jouer Long-wear Lip Crème is long-wearing in a gloss-like format, offering full-coverage color with a soft finish.
Are there lipstick options that offer light coverage?

There are many types of lipsticks that give less coverage if you prefer a lighter and more neutral look. Many liquid lipsticks offer translucent color that compliments your lip color rather than covering it completely. When searching for a light-coverage lipstick, look for words like sheer or glossy.

Do different brands of lipsticks offer different features and colors?

There are many lipstick brands available. Nearly every makeup company has a line of lipsticks, and in that line, there may be many formulations and colors. Each brand may have a signature formulation and line of colors. Many brands have strong followings due to their unique features and special formulations. Finding the ideal shade and formulation is based on your preferences for color and lasting ability.

How long do lip beauty products last once opened?

Lipstick has a relatively long shelf life compared to other types of makeup. If kept closed and in a cool space away from UV light, it can last for two years from the date of being opened.

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