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Elite Lighting Parts and Accessories

Elite Lighting parts and accessories come in all different types. Indoor, outdoor, industrial, and emergency lighting allow for a variety of uses.

What types of products does Elite make?
  • Indoor lighting options from Elite include downlighting, recessed line and troffers, fire-rated models, LED retrofits, architectural cylinders, architectural slot lights, suspended-line models, and linear surface designs. Track, pendant, tape, cove, and step lightiing are also options. Most of these styles come in multiple substyles and categories for very specific uses.
  • Industrial lighting pieces from Elite Lighting include Ingress protection rated, wet-location, and food processing fixtures; high-bay and low-bay fixtures; strips, wraps, and clouds; and retrofit kits. LED and linear FL models are available for just about every product.
  • Outdoor lighting components from Elite include area lighting, site fixtures, floodlights, bollards, outside wall mounts and pack lighting, outside step models, and parking garage models. Bollards are waist-high posts with lighting fixtures built into the top. They are frequently used along walkways and in commercial parking lots for visibility, safety, and security.
  • Exit and emergency parts are available in certain types of lighting, such as illuminated signage and backup lighting for use during power outages.
What types of accessories are available?

Elite Lighting makes low-voltage transformers, Elite and Maxilume accessories, and Oracle accessories.

  • Low-voltage transformers come in a wide variety of watts and volts. Bottom-feed and step-down models are both available.
  • Elite and Maxilume accessories include drivers, extension cords, adapters, wire guards, extra light heads, and shield guards.
  • Oracle accessories include drywall flange kits, Whipple finishes, clips, fixture suspensions with power feeds, brackets and studs, and emergency battery packs. Wire flex cables, chains, lenses, internal fast-blow fuses, gripple suspension systems, internal motion sensors, mounting hubs, motion sensors, and adjustable slip fitters are also available.
Which technologies were developed by Elite Lighting to improve products?
  • Tunable white technology allows the user to customize the brightness and tone of lighting in a space.
  • Warm-dimming technology is designed to mimic traditional incandescent dimming.
  • RGB-plus tunable white technology changes the feel of a room by manipulating the color temperature of the space. Natural lights color changes over time, which RGB allows for.
  • Vibrant light allows low lighting with a high chromatic option to enable the vivid appearance of color. Elite Lighting products are designed to provide artificial light that resembles natural light as closely as possible to foster the exact environment desired in a particular space, office, or home.
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