Your smartphone is a valuable piece of technology with so many features, and there are a lot of accessories available to ensure that you maximize that investment. The LifeProof brand offers a broad range of phone accessories to help make your smartphone device more functional and more convenient to use.

Which products does LifeProof make?

The brand’s flagship product is the LifeProof case, and each cover is custom-made to the particular phone it is designed to protect. A cover for an iPhone, for instance, has precise dimensions as well as slots and other access points for its features. The company also makes accessories that are designed to work with your particular phone and case, and these include:

  • Smartphone stands
  • Headphone adaptors
  • Micro USB cable lanyards
  • QuickMount adaptors for bikes
  • QuickMount adaptors for armbands
What is a LifeProof case?

These covers are designed specifically for the models Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and a few other phones. Each cover is rugged but designed to be quite thin and does not add significant weight or disrupt usability of a phone. The manufacturer designed these covers to be able to protect your iPhone, Galaxy Plus, and other devices against drops, dirt, water, and snow.

Is a LifeProof cover specific to your phone?

Yes. Each cover provides a specific fit for your iPhone or other device you want to use. Model iterations are a factor while choosing a case. You must choose the specific cover for your iPhone and cannot expect a case for the iPhone 6, for instance, to fit the iPhone 7 or even the iPhone 6s.

Can LifeProof products protect against water?

Yes. There are LifeProof cases and accessories for iPhones and other brands indicating they are waterproof. These models are designed not just to be water-repellent or water-resistant but can withstand being fully submerged in water for as long as an hour at a depth of 6.6 feet.

How much impact-resistance do LifeProof products provide?

These covers and other accessories meet all standards of the U.S. military, which means that they’re suitable for use in the field by on-duty personnel. These covers also have an IP-68 rating, which is the highest Ingress Protection rating available for both liquids and solids. You can drop an iPhone X or any other phone from a height of 6.6 feet and expect the material to fully absorb the impact.

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