Levian Jewelry

What To Know About Le Vian Jewelry

Le Vian produces lavish, beautifully crafted, uniquely designed jewelry including rings, necklaces, and watches. Numerous choices are available, like earrings to coordinate with your outfits. These jewelry pieces come in a variety of sets using as yellow gold, platinum, or rose gold, and whether youre looking for a shiny rose gold band, a vintage black diamond ring, or a chocolate gold necklace, you could find the perfect item on eBay.

Types of Le Vian jewelry

Le Vian makes necklaces, earrings, pendants, and engagement/bridal rings. The type of new or vintage Le Vian jewelry that suits your needs depends on what style you prefer. eBay has many of these choices available to you at reasonable prices.

Features of Le Vian jewelry

When searching for the right Le Vian jewelry from the options available to you on eBay, first figure out what kind of piece you want, then check the vendors descriptions on eBay.

Le Vian offers intricately designed rings. The Princess Alexandria ring, for example, has quartz and diamonds, and there is also a rose gold ring with quartz and diamonds. The Le Vian Free Form Diamond Wide is made from 14kt yellow gold and features five diamonds. Another example is the Le Vian pink chocolate vanilla engagement ring, make with 14k rose gold.

Diamond and gem colors in Le Vian jewelry

Le Vian jewelry features chocolate diamonds, nude diamonds, and vanilla diamonds. Gem colors include black, blue, chocolate, gold, green, opal, orange, and pink.

Le Vian uses a number of different gemstones in its jewelry. They include:

  • Amethyst ombre
  • Aquaprase candy
  • Aquaprase turquoise
  • Black pearl
  • Blue topaz
  • Blueberry sapphire
  • Bubblegum pink sapphire
  • Caramel quartz
Lines of Le Vian jewelry

In your eBay search, you may see the following Le Vian models among the listings:

  • Le Vian Bridal
  • Le Vian Chocolatier
  • Le Vian Couture
  • Le Vian Exotics
  • Le Vian Luxury
  • Le Vian Ombre
  • Le Vian Red Carpet
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