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What You Should Know About the Lenovo ThinkPad Battery

Having an extra laptop battery on hand for your Lenovo ThinkPad can help you avoid a frantic moment of needing to use your Lenovo laptop but not having the juice to run it. The batteries are rechargeable, but there are may be times when it isnt fully charged and you need to use the ThinkPad. A spare Lenovo battery pack is then the answer to your problem.

How do you replace the batteries in the ThinkPad?

There are no tools needed to replace the batteries in the Lenovo ThinkPad. The process is rather straightforward.

  • With your ThinkPad closed and upside down, inspect the battery pack area. You should see a hatch with a locked sign on one end and an unlock symbol on the other.
  • Slide the hatch to the unlock position.
  • Hold the hatch in the unlocked position while you slide the pack out. If you release the hatch too soon, the battery will remain locked in place.
  • Line up the new battery and slide it into place.
  • Slide the hatch to the locked position and your ThinkPad is ready to use.
How do you ensure you have the correct battery pack?

Lenovo makes many models of laptops and notebooks. Some of the batteries are interchangeable, and some are not. It is important to ensure that you have the correct laptop battery pack for your ThinkPad. Match the model number to the battery pack. Your owners manual should list compatible packs. If you do not have an owners manual, you can check out the Lenovo website where you can search by model number and device.

How long will new Lenovo batteries stay charged?

The type of battery you have and the type of Lenovo laptop you have will determine how long your laptop battery will last. There are several factors that affect a batterys life. You can adjust many of these factors if you feel that it drains too quickly. Common factors that affect the battery life of your ThinkPad include the following:

  • Brightness of your screen
  • Various applications you are running on your ThinkPad
  • Other device-specific features
How do you charge a Lenovo laptop battery?

Just as there are different models of ThinkPad laptops, there are different ways to charge your Lenovo laptop battery. Many are charged when the laptop is plugged into an electrical outlet. Some, however, must be removed from the Thinkpad laptop and charged in a separate charger. If the specific laptop battery you need uses a separate charger than your device, it may help you to have a spare on hand to use while your other battery is charging.

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