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Frequently Asked Questions About CPU Fans

Lenovo manufacturers different types of laptop and desktop computers for the home and office setting. CPU fans help to keep your computer’s processor cool so that it can continue to operate. When selecting a replacement fan for your Lenovo's CPU, there are different styles and designs available to alleviate the problem.

What is a CPU fan?

These units attach to your computer’s processor in combination with a heatsink and other components to keep the processor cool. A metal plate is attached to the processor and moves the heat away from the chip. It, in turn, cools the heated fins while others move the warm air out of the case.

What are the different parts of a CPU fan?
  • Heatsink: This part is made of aluminum or copper and attaches directly to your processor. The heatsink will have a series of fins arranged in a way to allow the heat to be transferred from the processor.
  • Fan: This part of the assembly attaches to the heatsink and moves the heat away from the processor. It will sometimes work in conjunction with others for added cooling.
  • Heat pipes: Some assemblies will have added heat pipes that are filled with coolant that aids in the processor cooling process.
  • Connectors: These cables will be attached to the fan and are connected to the device’s motherboard by either a three- or four-fin end. The connector will transfer power from the power supply unit to your unit for cooling.
How do you select a CPU fan?
  • Gather information on your device: You will want to know the model number for your Lenovo so that you can select a compatible fan. Sometimes, the models will be similar but the connectors or another component of the fan may be different.
  • Select a connection and voltage: You will want to select a connection type that is compatible with your existing motherboard.
  • Choose a brand: If you prefer to use OEM parts, you will want to select from those manufactured by Lenovo. There are also other branded and unbranded fans that are compatible with your device.
  • Choose a fan style: The bearings used in the fan will determine the operation time of the unit. CPU fans for laptops will have a lower profile compared to desktop models.
What types of CPU fans are available?
  • Ball bearing: This type allows the fan to be oriented in different directions. The ball bearings will be made of steel or other metal and are packed with lubricant that allows the fan to be rotated at higher speeds.
  • Magnetic: This design is a type that doesn’t use bearings. Instead, the unit uses magnets that repel the fan so that it can be rotated with low friction.
  • Fluid bearings: This type consists of layers that are supported by pressurized liquid or gas. This thin layer is placed between both surfaces to lower the amount of friction.
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