Speed Down the Path on a LeMond Bicycle

LeMond bicycles can be used in cycling competitions, fitness, and recreation. The brand was started by champion competitive cyclist Gregory LeMond, who liked to design his own bikes for races. eBay offers a selection of this brand's preowned and refurbished bikes. 

Characteristic frame geometry 

LeMond bicycles became known for their unique frame geometry that used in races. The company's founder would design the racing bikes he rode, and he eventually turned his designs into his own product line. A traditional LeMond frame features long chainstays, relaxed head and seat tube angles, and a low bottom bracket. The bike is intended to distribute your weight evenly between the saddle and your hands. You can gain a mechanical advantage with the seat angle, too, because it lets you use your legs and glutes more.

Other common features of these bicycles 

Another feature that LeMond bicycles are known for is their carbon fiber Spine design. The seatstay, seat tube, and top tube are often made of OCLV carbon fiber. Other materials that go into this brand's bicycles are double-butted steel or butted titanium. LeMond's Big Sky series is an example of bikes made of double-butted steel. Options in LeMond bicycles with butted titanium include Tete de Course and Victoire. You can find many models of used LeMonds on eBay. 

How do you find the right racing bicycle? 

Important factors to consider when choosing a racing bicycle include:  

  • Frame materials - For a sturdy frame, pay attention to what material it's made of. Carbon fiber frames usually absorb vibrations, so they are a well-liked choice. Aluminum frames are good options, too.
  • Size - Always buy the right size for your body to have a comfortable ride. Road bicycles usually come in six different sizes, ranging from XS to XL. Men's and women's bikes are sized differently, so check the measurements. See the manufacturer site for details. If you don't know your size yet, you can get your measurement from an experienced bike salesperson.
  • Pedals - Some bicycles are sold without pedals because the manufacturer wants you to have the ability to use your favorite pedals. Clip-in pedals, also known as clipless pedals, are good if you want to feel connected to your bicycle.
  • Wheels - The wheels influence the acceleration, aerodynamics, momentum, and weight of the bicycle. If you're a competitive cyclist, you may want to pay a lot of attention to the wheels when choosing a bicycle. If you cycle for fitness or fun, then you may not need to assign as much importance to this factor.

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