Enjoy Beach Vibes With Leather Sandals for Men

Leather is a classic choice for all kinds of footwear - and in summer, you want to stay cool in a nice pair of sandals. On eBay, you'll find men's leather sandals in all sizes, styles, and colors. Buy a casual pair of leather sandals for men to wear to the beach, or look for a sturdier pair of walking sandals to get out and about.

Styles of men's leather sandals

What type of leather sandals do you need? It depends where you're going to be wearing them, and what you find comfortable. Consider, for example, what kind of fastening you want, or whether you'd prefer to be able to slip them on and off.

  • Slip on leather sandals can just be kicked off without needing to bend down and unfasten them. That makes them ideal for the beach. However, you'll want to take care if you're going to walk a long distance, and maybe pick up a different pair.
  • Sandals with metal buckles are secure enough to wear around town. Remember, though, that you will have to put in a bit more effort to take them on and off, so if you're going to go in and out of the water, they're not the ideal choice.
  • Specific men's walking sandals often have a Velcro fastening. This is easy to use, but can lose some of its grip in wet conditions.
  • Finally, you can also find men's leather walking sandals with special toggles to pull a drawstring tight to fasten them. You might need to get used to this style, but many ramblers swear by them.
Taking care of men's leather sandals

The beauty of leather is that it is a very sturdy, durable material that doesn't need a great deal of looking after. Often you can just brush it clean without much fuss. However, if you plan to wear your sandals a lot, it pays to have a leather conditioner. A small container of this will last a long time, as you'll need just a dab each time you clean your sandals.

Can you wear men's leather sandals to the beach?

Yes. Unlike suede, leather won't be destroyed if it gets wet. However, it will need some time to dry out properly. Leave your sandals in the sun, in their normal shape. Don't try to fold them or put anything on top of them when they're wet, as this can distort the leather.

Are there vegan alternatives to men's leather sandals?

Yes. There are plenty of fake leather and leather substitutes that make great sandals, too. You'll still enjoy the same classic look and feel.