Latin American Stamps

Latin American Stamps

What Are Some Different Ways To Display Latin American Stamps?

Latin American stamps often feature vibrant colors and interesting designs, so finding creative ways to display them can help you enjoy their beauty. First, focus on display options that protect the stamps. Create a coffee table book for Latin American stamps using a photo album made of acid-free materials, or use stamp stock pages that have a black vinyl background and clear pockets to create a stamp binder. Frame your stamp collection for display on a shelf or a wall using a mat board, stamp mounts, and a sturdy frame. Alternatively, lay the stamps under a piece of glass on a flat coffee table surface to make a useful and decorative piece of furniture.

What Are The Most Interesting Latin American Stamps?

Latin America comprises a diverse variety of countries, each with its own fascinating history. Collecting stamps from these countries is particularly interesting for those interested in postal history from growing and developing countries. For example, Brazil was the second country in the world, after Great Britain, to issue stamps valid throughout the country instead of just in a specific region. These Brazilian "Bullseye" stamps are very popular with collectors due to their distinctive appearance, rarity, age, and historical importance. Many countries in Latin America also issue revenue stamps.

What Are Revenue Stamps?

A revenue stamp is an adhesive label used to collect taxes or fees on a range of products, including documents, tobacco, and alcohol. Businesses purchase the stamps from the government and affix them to taxed items before selling them. In some countries, companies have to alter the stamps after affixing them, which makes it harder to find examples in mint condition.