LaserDisc Movies

LaserDisc: Classic Collecting with Some Exclusive Features

Before DVDs and Blu-rays began filling up our movie libraries, the digital age of films began with LaserDiscs. The large discs were similar to the size of the records and could play feature-length movies at a much higher quality than VHS tapes. Learn about these movies, their special features, and how they can make a unique addition to your home library.

Can you listen to director commentary on LaserDiscs like on DVD?

Yes, LaserDisc movies are similar to DVDs, but are 12 inches in length, making them much larger than the common DVD. The digital technology not only allows multiple language tracks for the movie but extra features like director commentaries. When LaserDiscs were first released, the commentary tracks were recorded exclusively for the LaserDisc. This means that several movies with commentary tracks will have exclusive tracks for the LaserDisc and are not available anywhere else. When searching for LaserDisc movies for sale, check the full listing or the picture of the LaserDisc sleeve to see what type of special features come with the movie.

Do American LaserDisc Players Support Japanese LaserDiscs?

As you browse LaserDisc eBay listings, there are many Laser Discs imported from Japan. Japan uses the same NTSC formatting as North American discs so the discs will play fine on any LaserDisc player. Many of the Japanese discs also include English audio versions of the movie so the movie presents no differences with a purchase. A number of movies were only released in Japan as well, allowing you to own some rare Laser Disk movies. For example, Disney's Song of the South was released in Japan, but will never get a DVD or Blu-ray release in the United States so the Japanese-exclusive release features the best quality for the movie.

The differences between standard and Blockbuster LaserDisc for sale

Many LaserDisc sales will feature a Blockbuster description or sticker on the outside of the packaging. The main differences between these discs are they were available for rental at actual Blockbuster locations. While Blockbuster did not go nationwide with disc rentals, several stores tested out the formats and featured some of the biggest movies available for rental. In some cases, Blockbuster has exclusive LaserDisc rentals for movies that were not sold in retail. Some Japanese LaserDisc imports may also have packaging listed as "Blockbuster", but this does not refer to the Blockbuster Video company but to a successful Blockbuster film that had massive success at the box office.