Laser Therapies

Improve Your Overall Quality of Life with Cold Laser Therapy

When you or your dog is suffering from pain caused by injuries, arthritis, or another cause, it can make you feel helpless. As a good pet owner, all you want to do is help your four-legged family member feel better, and cold laser therapy for dogs can help provide relief and reduce pain and suffering. Understanding how laser therapy works and what you can expect can help you determine if it is right for your pooch.

What conditions can laser therapy for dogs treat?

Laser treatment is effective against numerous conditions. For instance, it can be used to help treat ear infections since inflammation is a common ailment associated with ear infections. It can also be used to help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with gingivitis. Low laser therapy for dogs can also be used to treat the following:

  • Wounds
  • Arthritis
  • Injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons
  • Hip displasia
  • Various other ailments that involve pain, inflammation, or issues with the soft tissue
Cold lasers for people versus dogs

Low-level laser therapy works similarly for people and pets. In some cases, you can use the same machine for both you and your pet if you follow certain instructions before purchasing:

  • Step 1: Ask your vet about the correct frequency or power level when using laser for dogs. Size of dog and area of treatment will affect the answer to this question.
  • Step 2: Ask your doctor or practitioner about the correct power level for your area of treatment.
  • Step 3: Shop around for a machine that fits both power levels or frequencies.
Features of cold laser devices

Low-level laser therapy can be done with a number of machines. Some of the features that they offer include the following:

  • Digital displays
  • Touchpad functionality
  • Corded or cordless models
  • Programmable treatment patterns based on recommendations from the manufacturer
  • Comfort straps for the laser device
New or used laser therapy devices

There are a number of different devices on the market, and eBay offers both new and used devices for cold laser therapy. New and used devices function equally well. If the device has been kept in good condition and the electrical components are clean and free of fraying, the device will work well when purchased used. This may be a good opportunity to get a cheap cold laser that fits better into your budget. In some cases, there may be some newer technologies that may be easier to find in new devices, though this will change over time if you wait to purchase your laser on eBay.