Laptop Cooling Pads

Laptop Cooling Pads

Connecting a cooling device to your laptop or notebook computer goes a long way when it comes to performance. Internal laptop parts are typically made of sensitive materials such as aluminum. The addition of a cooler helps prevent those important internal components from being damaged due to high levels of heat, which can build up when the machine is operating.

What is a laptop cooling pad used for?

Laptop cooling pads, also referred to as cooler pads or chill pads, are used to direct heat away from your laptop computer. Cooling pads can contain anywhere from one to six fans to help keep your computer from overheating. It can also help you stay cool when you’re using your computer by lowering the amount of heat generated from your device.

How do you cool down your laptop’s CPU?

Your computer's central processing unit, or CPU, can heat up quickly when the laptop is in use. This heat can cause the processing system to experience damage when the sensitive components are exposed to this high level of temperature. Installing a cooling pad will bring the internal temperature of your laptop within a normal range and prevent overheating from occurring. You will also notice that the surface heat felt from your computer will be substantially cooler as well.

How does the cooling pad work?

There are two main types of CPU cooler fans that can be used with the computer.

  • External-powered cooling fans Cooling devices that are externally powered have an adapter that plugs into a standard wall socket. Some of these externally powered cooling devices can be used with AC power adapters for use in a car, motorhome, or other type of vehicle.
  • USB-powered laptop cooling fans Most types of cooling pads available for your notebook or laptop computer have an adapter that plugs into the computer's USB port. This type of fan design operates with the use of power generated from the computer system itself.
How do you find the right size laptop cooler pad?

Laptop cooler pads are available in sizes ranging from 13 inches to 17 inches. To ensure that your CPU is kept at a proper temperature, it is important to select a pad that fits properly beneath your notebook, MacBook, or similar device. The cooling pad you select for your laptop should be the same size as your device, allowing the CPU to sit flush on the cooler's surface.