Lamp Shades

Finding the Right Lamp Shades for Your Home

Cool lamp shades can take an ordinary object and transform it into something that stands out. The right cheap lamp shades will also prevent glare and make your light source more useful. There are numerous types of lampshades on eBay, so you will need to keep several things in mind if you are to choose the right one.

What should you look for when buying lampshades for sale?

Look for a lampshade with no rips, tears, or indentations. If the shade has a fabric covering, ensure the material is in good condition without any holes or stains. Yellowed lampshades are merely an indication of age and will not affect how well they function. Nevertheless, they can be unsightly and may require a covering, so you should keep this fact in mind as well.

What size of lamp shade should you get?

When buying discount lamp shades, you should first measure the base of your lamp and then double that number. This will ensure your eBay lamp shades are large enough to cover your lamp and contain adequate space between the bulb and their edges. For safety reasons, you need at least a half-inch between the widest part of your lamp's base and the edges of your shade.

Buying new or used lamp shades on eBay

There are advantages to buying new lamp shades. While they may cost more, they tend to last longer. A new lamp shade might be ideal if you have a newer lamp. That being said, many used lamp shades are in excellent condition. If you have a vintage or antique model, you may prefer a used shade instead. Certain types of lamp shades are harder to find than others. If you are looking for a rare type, you might have more luck finding it if you check used lamp shades for sale.

What type of lampshades for sale are available?

When it comes to lamp shades, eBay has a wide selection available. You'll find cheap lampshades as well as more expensive models in a wide array of styles, colors, and fabric patterns. In fact, there is nearly an endless number of lamp shades for you to choose from. Just a few you'll find for sale include:

  • White fabric transitional bell lamp shade
  • Leather lamp shades
  • Industrial vintage metal cage hanging ceiling pendant light holder
  • Fabric chandelier lamp shade
  • Glass pendant light hanging light shade