Lagos Jewelry

How to Decide Which Piece of Lagos Jewelry to Buy

Lagos makes a wide variety of fine jewelry with unique designs. Browse the collection on eBay to find the next piece that you can give as a gift to a friend or to yourself.

What types of jewelry does Lagos make?

Lagos makes mostly four types of jewelry, including:

  • Rings: Thick rings with large gemstones are common from this brand. Lagos also makes stacking rings.
  • Bracelets: Bangles, charm bracelets, and link bracelets are common in this collection.
  • Necklaces: Most of the necklaces in this collection have pendants.
  • Earrings: Dangle earrings, studs, and hoop earrings are common in this collection.
What materials are used in making this jewelry?

This maker uses several kinds of materials, including:

  • Yellow gold: 14k is the most often used grade of yellow gold in this collection.
  • Sterling silver: Sterling silver serves as the white metal in this collection.
  • Diamonds: A few pieces incorporate diamonds.
  • Other gems: Gems, such as garnet, topaz, onyx, sapphire, amethyst, citrine, hematite, and peridot are used in this collection.
  • White gold: Occasionally, a piece of Lagos jewelry is made with white gold.
Motifs included in Lagos jewelry

Most pieces of Lagos jewelry use designs that don't have recognizable objects, but some of the pendants do represent various objects. Some of these include keys, stars, crowns, hearts, and butterflies.

What should you know when buying jewelry?

Lagos is only about 40 years old, so in terms of jewelry, it's not that old. But whenever you're buying second-hand jewelry online, you should think about if the piece is timeless or trendy. Some pieces, such as simple hoop earrings and plain gold bracelets, stand the test of time. Trendier pieces tend to incorporate styles and motifs that are easily recognizable. While you can definitely still incorporate trendier pieces into your jewelry collection, understand that if you do, you might decide in 10 years that the piece is dated. On the other hand, pieces of jewelry can also become retro after a few decades, and they can further refine your personal style.

What kinds of backings are on the earrings?

Since many of the earrings in the Lagos collection are studs, simple push-back posts are often used. There are a few pairs that have a clip-on back, which is great for people with or without pierced ears. Additionally, French wire backs are used on some pairs of dangle and drop earrings.