LEGO (R) Bricks, Pieces & Parts

LEGO Bricks and Building Pieces

LEGO kits are great for both children and adult hobbyists alike. This high-quality toy made up of numerous parts encourages imaginative and creative play. To enhance your current LEGO collection, you might also want individual or bulk LEGO bricks and building pieces.

How can you use bulk LEGO parts?
  • Creative free build: While LEGO sets can offer hours of imaginative play, you or your child may want to construct a free build. If this is the case, LEGO bulk sets feature bricks and LEGO pieces of many colors, sizes, and styles to meet your design needs.
  • Specialty pieces: For the advanced builder, there is often a special, hard-to-find LEGO brick that you need for a particular creation. You can look for these LEGO pieces individually rather than trying to find them in a set.
  • Missing pieces: LEGO sets are made up of many small parts, and even the most careful collector may lose a few parts from time to time. You can often find the individual LEGO bricks and complete your set. LEGO owners also often lose minifigures and parts of figures, which are also easy to replace individually.
What are the types of bricks for LEGO?
  • Stickers: LEGO stickers are high-quality but can become damaged through wear and tear from playing or through construction error. You may wish to replace stickers to maintain the finished look of your LEGO construction.
  • LEGO minifigures: LEGO makes figures of many characters, including superheroes, princesses, Minecraft, and Star Wars characters. Minifigures can lose small parts like hands, hats, or hair, which can be replaced. You may also find a minifigure of a favorite character to display separately from a set.
  • Construction plates: For creative free play, you may wish to have several LEGO plates to use to give your creations added support and stability. You can find these LEGO parts in a wide range of sizes and colors.
  • Wheels: For LEGO cars, it is common to lose wheels, especially through play. Wheels are an easy part to replace and can be found individually or in sets.
  • Special colors: LEGO will often release uniquely colored bricks that can only be found in certain sets. You may need one of these special color bricks for one of your creations. You can often find these bricks individually.
What themes are there for LEGO bricks and parts?

Themed parts exist across the entire LEGO line, from Nexo Knights to Ninjago, Friends, space themes, explorer pieces, and more.

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