For RC enthusiasts, there’s a great thrill in racing or tackling challenging terrain in a vehicle that you’ve built and tuned with great care. Kyosho offers electric and nitro radio-controlled vehicles as well as a wide range of RC cars, buggies, trucks, and other vehicles that it manufacturers. The brand also makes a broad range of accessories, including brushless motors and electronic speed controllers or ESCs.

What is Kyosho?

The Kyosho Corporation is a Japanese company that makes many different types of model cars. Some of these vehicles are modeled after real-life counterparts but many others are simply inspired or entirely original. The brand makes electric vehicles that are battery-powered, move via a brushless motor, and are steered via a radio controller. Notable products that Kyosho makes include the:

  • Inferno GP buggy
  • Scorpion GP buggy
  • USA-1 Monster Truck
  • Mini-Z Series racers
Which accessories does Kyosho manufacturer?

Kyosho makes a wide range of accessories for electric and nitro RC vehicles. Most of these parts are designed for use with its own vehicles, such as the Inferno GP buggy, but many can be used as accessories for other brands' vehicles or as part of a custom build. The parts catalog is diverse and includes:

  • Chassis
  • Spark boosters
  • Wheels and tires
  • Link conversion sets
  • Suspension components
What is RTR?

Kyosho and many other RC manufacturers sell RTR vehicles as opposed to kits. RTR means ready to run or race, which indicates that very little assembly is required. The electric Mini-Z racing vehicles are all sold RTR, and the Inferno is a large-scale nitro vehicle that’s sold RTR as well. The USA-1 monster truck is a prominent example of a Kyosho vehicle that is not RTR and requires assembly.

What scale are Kyosho RC cars?

This brand makes RC vehicles across a wide range of scales. The Mini-Z series is just 1:27, which is among the smallest scales used by the industry. For racing vehicles, the brand tends to adhere to whichever scale is preferred for competition, such as 1:8-scale for nitro buggies. The company also sells many buggies and monster trucks at 1:10 scale as well and even some 1:12 vehicles.

Can you change the tires and wheels on Kyosho vehicles?

Yes. On nearly all Kyosho vehicles, the wheels and tires can be removed to either be replaced or upgraded. There are many types of RC car tires on the market, and these include:

  • Slicks
  • Off-road
  • Short course
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