Things to Know When Shopping for a Korg Kronos

The Korg Kronos is an all-in-one keyboard and digital workstation. It allows users to both use it to perform live and write, arrange, and sequence music using the onboard memory. Korg Kronos keyboards are available on eBay in both new and used condition and eBay makes it easy to find the keyboard thats right for you. 

Some features of the Korg Kronos 

The Korg Kronos comes with a variety of features included to make them function well and sound good. Here are some of the features you can find included with most models.  

  • Weighted action: The 73-key and 88-key versions of the Kronos comes with weighted hammer action keys, giving them the feel of a real grand piano.
  • TouchView: The touch screen interface for the keyboard is in color, making it easy to use even in darker performing situations.
  • MIDI support: Use an external MIDI controller to trigger the Kronos, helping you expand its capabilities and get the desired action you want when playing a synth or organ sound.
  • Plug-in editor: Use this feature to edit VSTs in use with your DAW on your Macintosh or Windows computer, making editing MIDI instruments on the fly simple.
  • Polyphony: Each sound on the keyboard supports maximum polyphony, meaning you can play as many notes at the same as possible using any sound, even when sequencing.

What kind of outputs does the Korg Kronos have? 

The Korg Kronos has a variety of outputs available, so you can run audio and MIDI to a variety of destinations. This includes 6 audio output channels, including 2 analog, 2 digital, and 2 USB audio outs. This allows you to run audio directly to a soundboard or a computer. There is an analog input available for both mic and instrument lines, which is changed using the toggle switch. You can record both audio and MIDI when composing on a Korg Kronos. 

Can this keyboard be used as a MIDI controller? 

Yes, it can. The keyboard has MIDI in, out, and through functionality. This means just as you can use an external controller to control it, you can use the Kronos to control VSTs. The MIDI in functionality is especially advantageous if you are interested in purchasing the rack-mounted version of the Korg Kronos. The MIDI connection ports are located on the back of the keyboard next to the audio ins and outs. 

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