In the world of mining and construction, heavy equipment is needed in order to excavate, grade, level, and haul away excess dirt, rocks, gravel, debris, and other materials in order to accomplish a task. Since 1931, Komatsu has built tractors, dozers, excavators and other heavy equipment that have been used at big commercial jobs sites. Komatsu has a large line of heavy equipment as well as innovative technological advances and children’s toys.

What parts are available for Komatsu equipment?

Komatsu has a lot of equipment available to manipulate the earth below your feet, but that equipment will only function as well as the pieces that it is made of. Worn out undercarriages, final drives, transmissions, and engines will not only slow or stop a job being completed, but can also make the worksite hazardous. Here is a list of some of the replacement parts available for Komatsu equipment.

  • Final drive: The final drive is an important piece of the Komatsu transmission system whose goal is to provide the final stage of gear reduction, which will decrease engine RPMs while increasing rotational torque. The final drive is connected to the differential, which governs how much power is transferred to each wheel depending on traction and the degree of turn.
  • Track shoes: Komatsu track shoes provide the traction and footing for tracked machines. The shoes dig into the earth, giving the machine traction while propelling it forward. When selecting the correct shoe for a machine, care should be taken to get the narrowest shoe possible that still provides adequate flotation. Shoes that are too wide will reduce undercarriage life over time due to excessive flexing over rocks and obstacles. Komatsu offers track shoes for every condition including soil, gravel, roadways, and snowfall.
  • Ignition switch: One of the most important components of any Komatsu machine is the ignition switch. The switch is located behind the ignition lock cylinder and is responsible for sending the signal for the engine to turn over, or the electronics system in case of the accessory position.
  • Engine oil filter:One replacement part that is available that is more part of regularly scheduled maintenance is the engine oil filter. The filter removes moisture, dirt, and debris from the engine oil, which will damage and destroy an engine over time. Komatsu oil filters are designed to trap both large and small particles and can last double the amount of hours in between changes than previous models.
What merchandise is available for purchase from Komatsu?

Komatsu not only sells a large line of excavators, dozers, and other construction equipment to handle jobs of all sizes, they also have die-cast models as well as other merchandise available. All die-cast models come in 1/64th or 1/50th scales, are made from steel, replicate Komatsu’s service machines in detail including working parts and cab design, as well as other specialty vehicles and belt buckles. These die-cast models are manufactured exclusively by the First Gear Corporation.

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