Kohler started out as a plumbing solutions company and expanded to offer many home improvement products such as fixtures, kitchen and bath products, decorative items, engines, and generators. The variety and style offered by Kohler allows customers an abundant selection of products. These options offered by Kohler allow you to find additions and solutions for your home or business.

What finishes does Kohler offer for their fixtures?

Faucets, cabinet handles, tub handles, showerheads, and many other kitchen and bath products offered by Kohler come in various finishes that can provide a specific look and finishing touch on a room. They offer over 10 finishes for many of their products, but the finishes available for a product depends on the specific product. Some finishes offered include matte black, 24K gold, chrome, weathered bronze, gunmetal, nickel silver, and many more.

What are Kohler Aquifer products?

Aquifer products are filters that are compatible with many Kohler handshowers. These filters are designed to take out the chlorine, odors, and bacteria or fungi in the shower. The Aquifer filter can be simply attached to the shower valve, shower hose, diverter, or other water passages.

How do you care for stainless steel sinks?

Stainless steel sinks need to be cleaned and cared for at least once a week to keep it free of scratches. Clean the sinks using a stainless steel polish, mild antibacterial cleaners, or window cleaner, and avoid scrubbing or applying the polish with abrasive items, such as steel wool or rough cleaning pads.

To avoid rust or water stains in your kitchen or bathroom sink, make sure the water drains fully from the sink and that the surface has the opportunity to fully dry. Wiping with a dry cloth is recommended after use. Try to avoid the use of bleach to clean the sink, and if bleach is used, rinse it immediately to prevent corrosion.

How to replace a valve in a single-control faucet?

For replacing the valve in your kitchen or bathroom faucet, turn off the water supply to your faucet to ensure that no leaks occur when changing the valve. Remove the small button on the front of the faucet handle and loosen the screw under it. The handle should now come off easily. Next, remove the bonnet from under the handle by simply unscrewing it.

With a wrench, loosen the mounting nut that will now be exposed. Under the nut is the valve, which you can simply remove by hand. Line the new valve up with the holes in the faucet and insert it. Once the valve is in place, install all of the other parts of the faucet in reverse order.

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