Klipsch Heresy Vintage Speaker

Improve Your Sound System with Klipsch Heresy Speakers

Klipsch started their Heresy line in 1957 to complement three-speaker stereo arrays before releasing it on its own. You'll find several variations of Klipsch Heresy, Heresy II, and Heresy III models for your perusal on eBay. Getting to know the specifications of the Heresy system can help you choose the speaker system that meets your needs.

Do Klipsch Heresy speaker cabinets come in various types?

Because Klipsch Heresy speaker systems are floor-standing speakers, they include cabinets. Different types of wood make up these cabinets. The grain of each wood type adds some unique visual properties to the speakers. You may wish to choose a set of Klipsch Heresy speaker products based on the cabinet wood that matches your existing decor or your preferences. You can use the eBay search filters to find speakers that include the wood cabinets you prefer. Some common types you can choose from include ash, cherry, or walnut.

Can you get used Klipsch Heresy speakers?

You can find a range of pre-owned Klipsch Heresy speakers on eBay. Some of the available Klipsch Heresy speakers are vintage products from the company's earlier era. In some cases, vintage or used Klipsch Heresy speakers may include additional or replacement parts. These parts allow the speakers to function as intended. The cabinets or cases on them may show signs of normal wear with use, but the individual mid-range, tweeter, and woofer parts produce the full range of sounds. Note that some pre-owned speakers may still include their original packaging in good condition.

Can you get parts for Klipsch Heresy speakers?

In addition to complete Klipsch Heresy speaker sets, on eBay, you can find individual parts that are compatible with the Heresy line. Some common parts you can purchase with your Klipsch Heresy speakers include tweeters, woofers, crossover units, binding posts, speaker stands, and drivers.

What are some specifications of the Klipsch Heresy speaker line?

Klipsch Heresy speakers have a floor standing form factor, but they are relatively compact for speakers of this type. These speakers operate as a three-way system that includes:

  • Woofer: The woofer part of a Klipsch Heresy speaker system is to pick up and reproduce low-range sounds. You may be able to connect the system to a separate subwoofer for low sounds.
  • Mid-range: Frequencies that exist in the standard range go through this type of speaker.
  • Tweeter: If any of your audio tracks have high-level sounds, the tweeter part of the speakers will pick them up.
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