Those who enjoy collecting different toys, figures, and art may appreciate the designer Kidrobot. This company produces a series of art items and mini action figures that reflect multiple pop art and pop culture icons. Fans of this designer have many different products from which they can choose.

What kinds of toys and figures are available?

Kidrobot focuses on creating pop culture action figures, toys, figurines, and mini pieces of art that can be displayed on a collector's shelf. However, they also develop toys that children can play with instead of showing them as collectible items. Individual products produced by this designer include action figures, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

How Do Kidrobot figures vary?

There are a few different ways this manufacturer varies their figures. One of these variations is the size. You can typically find toys in sizes ranging from 3 to 8, 11 to 12, and 15 to 16 inches.

There is also some variation in the material used for each product. Some will be made out of plush materials to make them softer. These are typically given to children or those who want to place them on their couch or bed. However, vinyl products are available for collectors who want stronger toys to display. In some cases, wood figures may be available.

What is a Dunny?

Those who buy action figures from Kidrobot may have run across the Dunny series. The Dunny is a small vinyl figure that is unique to this manufacturer. They look a bit like a little bunny and are designed to look similar to a wide range of pop culture items. Each series of Dunny products is slightly different and can be displayed in multiple ways.

For example, there is a series for The Wild One's movie. This Dunny series allows you to celebrate your enjoyment of that movie by posting these figures on your display shelves. Other series that are available for purchase include:

  • Death Of Innocence
  • Dunny Print Zip Up Hoodie
  • Mr. Watt Anatomical Dunny
  • Arcane Divination Clairvoyant
  • Batman x Kidrobot
What specific other action figures do they sell?

Those who are interested in buying products from this manufacturer can choose from a broad range of possible items. Just a few that they have for sale on multiple markets include the following products:

  • The Simpsons: Original Mr. Sparkle
  • DTA Designer: Armd Dangerous
  • Sketracha Vinyl Action Figure
  • The Simpsons Homer Buddha
  • Wheel of Fortune: Kidrobot x Jryu
  • Smorking Labbit by Frank Kozik
  • Futurama Universe: Bender
  • Adult Swim: Squidbillies
  • King Howie Doll
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