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Honda Odyssey Key Blanks

Anything can happen to the keys of your Honda; you can misplace them, lock them in your Honda Odyssey, or even break the key so that it no longer works. So, it only makes sense for you to have a replacement key on hand at all times so that you have access to your Odyssey when you need it. You can find a few key blanks that are compatible with the Honda Odyssey.

Are key blanks model-specific for Hondas?

There are OEM key blanks that are designed specifically for Honda Odyssey, but not all of the aftermarket options are designed for a specific Honda model. You can get some universal key blanks cut to fit into the ignition of your Odyssey, and if you want a keyless key fob, they are also available to be programmed for your specific Honda. Not all key blanks are compatible, though, so before you get a replacement made, make sure the replacement key blanks are the same size and shape as the key to your Honda Odyssey.

Where can key blanks for a Honda Odyssey be cut?

When you need a replacement key cut for your Honda, you can typically take it to any locksmith that deals with automotive needs. This ensures that the locksmith that you go to will have the key blank that you need for your Honda in stock. Once the key is cut, you will need to go to the dealership to get the new key and remote programmed so that it works with your Odyssey.

What are some key fob features for your Honda Odyssey?

Any key fob or remote for your Honda should have keyless entry features that allow you to lock and unlock the door with ease before you approach the Honda Odyssey. When you press the button on the remote that seals the doors, the security system that you have on your Honda should also activate. When you unlock the doors, the alarm will turn off as well.

The buttons on your key fob are also going to give your remote a way to open the trunk, a way to start your Honda remotely, and a panic button that you can use in the event of an emergency. Many key fobs for Hondas also have hidden functions that you can access by pressing a combination of buttons. One of these features that works on the Honda Odyssey opens all of the windows at once, which makes it easier to cool the interior.

Why is the Odyssey’s keyless entry remote not functioning properly?

If the buttons on the key fob to your Honda Odyssey are not working, then the remote may need a battery replacement. Simply open the back of the remote and place a new battery in the key fob. If the buttons on the remote still do not function, you may need to take the key fob and your Honda to the dealership so that they can reprogram the remote.