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Kenwood Vintage Speakers Buying Guide

The Kenwood Corporation has been manufacturing high-quality audio equipment, including speakers, since the mid-1940s. Collectors and audiophiles still create a strong market for vintage Kenwood speakers. The company has manufactured a variety of different models that have their own unique design, and many are available on eBay.

Different affordable Kenwood speaker models available for purchase

Before you purchase speakers, you need to know what kind of speaker fits your needs. Kenwood makes speakers in a variety of different models to fit a myriad of audio situations. The following are some of the model numbers that are for sale on eBay.

  • Kenwood KL-5080 - These Kenwood house speakers have 70 watts of power, giving them enough headroom for a clean sound. Inside the cabinet is a four-way speaker setup.
  • Kenwood s-7vs - Kenwood home speakers with a three-way bookshelf design that were made in the 1980s. Their sleek design is emboldened by the dark metallic finish.
  • Kenwood s12m - Home stereo Kenwood floor-standing speakers with a vertical three-way design.
  • Kenwood KL-888X - Five-way speakers with a three-way speaker system on individual cones for a clear and clean sound.
What kinds of speakers are included in Kenwood vintage speakers?

Many of the speaker cabinets that Kenwood makes house multiple speakers. They are usually comprised of a three-way, four-way, or five-way design. The number corresponds to the number of speakers on that model. These speakers are usually comprised of the following three speaker types.

  • Horn - Responsible for the meat and potatoes range of most musical audio, the horn is the medium-sized speakers. Horns usually have their own driver for Kenwood floor speakers.
  • Sub - This is the speaker designed to broadcast the extreme lows in an audio signal. The signal is non-directional, so it is usually housed as a singular unit.
  • Tweeter - The tweeter is the speaker in trio Kenwood speakers that broadcast the extreme highs in audio signals.
What wood finishes are available?

On top of the black and metal casings and finishes found on preowned Kenwood vintage speakers, there are a number of wood finish options that are available on eBay. Your floor speakers could be considered a piece of furniture thanks largely to the fact that they have the wooden finish of a Kenwood vintage speaker. Wood is durable and resonant, allowing the speakers to last for years without malfunctioning. The following finishes for Kenwood retro speakers are found on eBay.

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Oh
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