The electronics industry is a massive yet growing sector that has set high expectations for every company involved in each branch of advance materials research, 3D sensing, and the development and fabrication of electronic devices. Because this field is immense, the specific requirements in each branch do vary; nonetheless, research and development in electronics typically includes the need for precise measurements and data acquisition. Keithley began manufacturing devices for data acquisition in 1946, and since then, the company has turned toward developing complete systems for high-volume production and assembly testing.

How can you apply Keithley products to real world problems?

When developing electronics, there are many important aspects to consider. This includes how much power the electronic system requires to run, what kind of energy it consumes, and the ways that the product can be applied for consumer use. To determine these various parameters, it is important to measure all aspects of the device's electronic consumption, and this can be done with data acquisition systems that measure resistance, potentiometry, impedance, electrical current, and more.

More importantly, electronic devices can range in size from small cellular devices to electric cars and more. The size of the end product has an important influence on the size of the device that is necessary to measure such electrical input and output. Keithley Instruments has developed devices of all sizes to address this variety of problems.

What are categories for devices that Keithley Instruments has manufactured?

Keithley Instruments has three broad categories for their devices, which are listed here:

  • Test equipment multimeters
  • Signal sources and signal conditioning
  • Test equipment for radiation detectors

Within these categories, you can find portable and stationary devices with a wide precision range to make different measurements from voltage and current to radiation and cyclic voltammetry. In this way, it can be possible to adapt the Keithley system to your company's specific needs be it for bench or for stand-alone applications.

Does Keithley Instruments tailor any devices for specific applications?

While Keithley devices can be applied to solve a variety of electronic problems, accessing the solutions to every problem can require a certain amount of customization. To customize your device, you can consider a wide range of products, including surge protectors, converters that are capable of transforming signals into readable data, oscillators with different powers, and more.

For all devices, you will likely want to consider a control program that can serve as a communicator between your instrument and your computer to give you access to the data.

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