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JumpStart Computer Software

Jump-start your child’s education with games from JumpStart. These games are more than regular video games; they are immersive learning experiences. Your kids will have fun while you prepare them for the next educational level or target particular difficulties they may have.

What is JumpStart software?

The JumpStart Series features games in the edutainment genre. They were first introduced in 1994 and developed by Fanfare Software. Knowledge Adventure took over the reins in 1995, and the company changed its name to JumpStart in 2014. What started as JumpStart Kindergarten evolved into a broad range of learning games for kids of all ages. They are available across many different platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Wii, PlayStation, Game Boy Color, and iPad.

Which learning categories does JumpStart offer?

JumpStart games are available in several educational categories. Most games are targeted at a specific grade level and have a particular subject, such as math, or feature many subjects based on the usual curriculum for that grade. Some of the genres available include Geography, Preschool, Phonics, Math, Reading, and Science.

Does JumpStart have games that are more focused on gaming?

Yes. Even the learning tools are presented as a game or story. For older kids, the gaming experience becomes more sophisticated. They earn achievements as they play, which are added to their histories. They also earn experience points and rise in level earning bonuses. JumpStart also makes games with a theme of adventure, which are more focused on delivering a recreational experience. These games are an effective method of rewarding your child while still keeping them immersed in the JumpStart ecosystem.

Do JumpStart games need a powerful computer?

System requirements for these games are kept low to accommodate most parents. The processor requirement is a Pentium III 1GHz, which is a CPU released in 2001. You also require 3D video with at least 32MB, which is now compensated for by many iGPUs. If your child can play Flash games on your computer, JumpStart software will not be an issue. Note that if you choose to access online learning features, you will need 1GB of system memory and 64GB of video memory.

How do you choose JumpStart software for a child?

All JumpStart computer and mobile games indicate the grade and age focus. You can choose next year’s grade to give your child a jump-start. If your child is struggling, you can focus on the previous or current grade and age instead. Games also clearly indicate their educational focus so that you can target particular areas. Games that are meant to play for fun will also indicate what fundamentals JumpStart has in focus.

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