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Buy the World-Renowned John Deere 6068t Engine on eBay

John Deere is one of the well-known manufacturers of agricultural and industrial parts for cars, trucks, and tractors. The company operates manufacturing plants across the globe. On eBay, you can find full-scale engines, accessories, and parts such as the well-known John Deere 6068t marine series engine.

John Deere 6068t engine specs

The specifications of the engine can be divided into general data specs and performance data range. The full-scale engine comprises of 6 cylinders that has a displacement of 415 cubic inches. For marine use, the turbocharged engine is classified as a 4-cycle in-line engine with a compression ratio of 17:0:1. In fact, these specifications are considered ideal for the marine environment.

The engine is able to produce a horsepower ranging from 135hp to 170hp when operating between 2000 and 2500 RPM. Overall, this diesel-powered engine can consistently generate power of more than 100 kW reaching 127 kW at its maximum capacity. When operating at peak levels, the torque produced is generally between 409 and 429 feet per pound.

According to official John Deere 6068t engine manual, its engine complies with CARB, EPA Tier 2, and EU Stage II certifications making it a universal choice for use around the globe.

Distinctive features of 6068t engine

On eBay, you will find lots of used John Deere 6068t engine for sale due to a variety of features that distinguishes it from the competitors. To achieve a perfect balance, its crankshaft is machined from high carbon steel forging. Similarly, the durability of these engines is increased by using special 45-degree angle enabling larger crankshaft rod bearings.

Self-adjusting, eight groove fan drive allows multiple fan drive ratios and fan heights. You can easily check John Deere 6068t oil capacity due to a dipstick and oil filter options on both sides of the engine. The flexibility of maintenance is also visible in the replicable wet-type cylinder liners, which provides excellent heat dissipation capabilities.

Buying individual pre-owned parts of 6068t engine on eBay?

There are a variety of reasonably priced 6068t parts sold on eBay. You can either shop for cylinder heads or a full-cylinder block. You will also find plenty of small 6068t parts such as rods, pistons, oil-pimp intake, and fuel injectors.

Before buying these parts, make sure that you understand the shipping conditions and incorporate the shipping cost because the shipping cost often makes a large chunk of the final price. Since the secondhand John Deere 6068t are highly sought-after engines, it is also logical to ask the owner about insurance even when buying small engine parts.

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