Jeff Hamilton Jackets

Root for the Home Team in a Jeff Hamilton Jacket

Jeff Hamilton spent several years working in the fashion industry overseas before returning to America. He created a line of jackets that professional athletes and celebrities wore. You can now buy a Jeff Hamilton jacket to root for your favorite team or athlete.

Hallmarks of a Jeff Hamilton jacket

Though Hamilton now makes jackets for NASCAR and other teams, many share some of the same characteristics. You'll notice accents that include:

  • Color blocking - Most jackets use color blocking, which refers to large blocks of different colors. Some use one color on the sleeves and another on the front and back.
  • Pocket logo - Both vintage and new jackets have a logo right over the pocket on the front. This logo uses embroidery and matches the official logo of the team.
  • Deep pockets - The deep pockets found on the sides of the jacket give you extra storage. Those pockets are deep enough to fit your entire hand. Some designs have pockets on the inside, too.
  • Interior tag - You'll also find a tag on the back of the inside of the jacket. This tag will have the Jeff Hamilton name and trademark to let you know that it's an authentic coat.
What are the differences between men's and women's jackets?

Jeff Hamilton makes jackets for both men and women. Those designed for men are usually larger in size and have a boxy look. Women's jackets are more fitted and tailored. It will nip in at the waist and around the chest. The company also makes unisex jackets that will fit men and women. These coats come in many different sizes but have the same boxy look as those designed for men.

What are some of the teams represented?

No matter what sport you love, you'll likely find a jacket for your team. Jeff Hamilton jackets for NASCAR fans look just like those worn by drivers on race day. Most use wool and have team patches and sponsor logos across the front and back. The jackets designed for other types of sports may have sleeves made from nylon attached to a wool front and back. You'll find jackets designed for fans of basketball, baseball, and other sports. Some of the teams represented in those jackets include the Chicago Bulls, San Francisco 49ers, and Boston Red Sox.

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