Jaguar Car & Truck Emblems

Jaguar Emblem

High-quality emblems will have an authentic look that resembles the original emblem that came with your car. They come in the same polished chrome material and leaping logo design used by Jaguar. These emblems are also great if you want to protect your original emblem by substituting it with a replica.

What types of Jaguar emblems are available?

Make sure you read the description to see what kind of emblem or ornament you are purchasing. There are four types of common emblems:

  • Front Side Emblem: This emblem is usually beneath the Jaguar ornament.
  • Side Emblem: This side emblem is located above the fender and front wheel in some Jaguar models.
  • Rear Emblem: This emblem is in the rear of the car above the license plate holder.
  • Hubcap Emblem: This emblem is for optional installation on your hubcaps.
How are original and replacement emblems different?

There may be some slight differences between the original and replacement emblems such as brightness of color and weight. However, high-quality replacement parts usually resemble the originals, and it is difficult to tell the difference between the two.

How do you install a Jaguar hood ornament?

The leaping Jaguar hood ornaments can be easily installed in two different ways:

  • The first method is matching the pin of the original ornament slot; there is a screw on the bottom, so you will simply turn the ornament until it is secure on the hood slot.
  • The second method requires you to drill a hole in the location of the slot and then install your emblem.
How do you know the emblem will fit your car?

It is important to read the product description of each emblem. This information will usually provide you with the details on the model and years the with which the emblem or ornament is compatible. Emblems and ornaments are usually designed for a specific line like the XJ or S. You will find that products support multiple years like the Jaguar X-Type line that has models from 2002 to 2008.

How do you install an emblem?

Emblem placement depends on the specific year and model of Jaguar that you have. Emblems are usually placed on the side or rear of your Jaguar. They come with 3M tape and plastic bushings that you can use to secure the emblems onto various locations on the car. These attachments are designed to stay secure in a variety of weather situations.