Jack-in-the-Box Toys

Wind Up Your Gift Shopping With Jack in the Box Toys

Jack in the box toys are toys that you wind up using a hand-crank on the side. As you wind them up, the crank gets tighter and tighter until something unexpected (or expected, if you are familiar with them) will happen. These windup toys can make you jump out of your skin if you are not prepared for the surprise. Many people enjoy collecting vintage and contemporary jack-in-the-box toys for play or for display.

What kinds of jack in the box toys are available?

Jack in the box toys have been around a long time and are still well-loved. Instead of just having one brand of jack in the box toys, there are several brands giving you a wide selection to consider. Here are just a few of the different themes offered:

  • Classic: These are the originals such as the Vintage Mattel 1987 jack in the music box clown toy.
  • Nursery themes: Mattel also offers Mother Goose jack in the box for a nursery-rhyme theme.
  • Famous characters: Disney offers themes like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and other characters.
  • Musical themes: From Warner Brothers and Mattel, you can get Bugs Bunny or a rare Porky Pig music box version.
Types or themes to consider

When choosing a jack in the box toy, take into consideration who will be receiving the gift or the type of event, such as a birthday party, that you may be bringing the gift to. You can sometimes find a great option in a box of toys for sale.

  • Consider the soft, plush jack in the box toys like Teddy Bears R Us, Olivia Pig In The Box, or Schylling Sock Monkey jack in the box for new-borns.
  • If purchasing for a birthday party, consider what the recipient likes, such as their favorite Disney or movie character.
Jack in the box toys for collectors to enjoy

There are many collectors who would love to have antique jack in the box toys. If you have a specific collector in mind for a jack in the box toy vintage model, try to find out what they are missing in their collection.

  • Opt for an unusual antique jack in the box for sale, such as the Antique German pop-up clown jack in the box toy or the Jax of Maine jack in the box dragon.
  • Special, rare, or unusual character vintage jack in the box toys are more likely to be higher-priced items, but collectors really want them because they are harder to find.