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A Brief Guide To Available JVC TV parts

Whether you need to replace a cracked screen or a malfunctioning circuit board, you can often repair a disabled television with JVC TV parts rather than purchase a new one. The range of JVC television parts and JVC projection TV parts available on eBay will help you do JVC TV repairs at home and allow you to get back to your favorite programs. Remote controls, JVC base stands, and other accessories can also assist you if you just want to upgrade your entertainment system.

What exactly does the term "panel" mean?

"Panel" is the industry-used term for the flat part of the television that is the container for the display or the part of the television the viewer watches. The screen itself is considered part of the panel, and with projection televisions, the screen is considered to be the flat surface where the image appears.

What's the difference between HDMI cable and DVI cable?

HDMI and DVI connectors and cable look the same; the difference is in the signals they carry. Both types of cable are for connecting televisions to video devices, but HDMI cable carries both audio and video signals while DVI carries only audio. Therefore, if you only have a DVI cable, you need to use red and white phone cables with it for sound.

Can you replace an entire circuit board?

In the past, it was usually possible to replace individual parts on a circuit board, but manufacturers started in general to produce televisions that have boards designed to be replaced in their entirety when broken. Individual components are often not surface mounted. Here are some tools for replacing boards, screens, and doing other simple television repairs:

  • Phillips screwdriver (battery-powered is better than manual)
  • Service manuals
  • Downloaded test patterns
How can you tell if you have an LED screen?

If you can't find this information in your service manual or printed on the television itself, there is a simple test you can perform. Touch the screen with your finger while it is on, and if there is no visible effect, it's plasma. If there is a ripple-like effect, it's an LED or LCD screen. A good way to clean a television screen, regardless of type, is to simply use a feather duster. For screens that are covered with fingerprints, use a microfiber cloth while using care not to apply and press it too hard to avoid scratching the screen.

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