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JBL Vintage Speakers Shopping Guide

The right set of speakers gives your home's sound system the ability to be all it can be. On top of that, JBL vintage speakers have an attractive design, adding to the aesthetic appeal of whatever room you are using them in. JBL vintage speakers you can find on eBay come in a variety of different models with features and benefits to suit any situation.

What models of JBL speakers for sale are there?

JBL has made a number of different speakers, creating various sonic options. They also vary in size, depending on the footprint you are looking for. See the manufacturer site for details. You can find the following models of JBL vintage speakers for sale.

  • JBL L100 - Early JBL model. It's a 4-way speaker with a walnut cabinet and is considered a piece of furniture because it's a floor speaker.
  • JBL 4346 - The JBL 4346 for sale is an augmented 2-way speaker. It was a redesign of the 4-way speaker system from the company.
  • JBL 4311 - These are studio monitors designed for recording and mixing audio in a music studio. They have a near-field design.
  • JBL L65 - This is a 2-way speaker with a foam cover with controls for presence and brilliance to help you increase sonic clarity.
Kinds of JBL vintage speakers

A vintage JBL speaker for sale is often a cabinet consisting of multiple speakers that are each responsible for broadcasting a specific frequency range. The frequencies are filtered to the individual speakers using a crossover. The highest frequencies are broadcast by tweeters, small speakers found near the top. Mid-range and lower high frequencies are broadcast by the horns. Finally, the subsonic frequencies are emitted by subwoofers, which are often sold on their own as standalone speakers.

Finishing options

Because of their size and prominent location in your home, the finish and aesthetic design of old JBL speakers is important. Typically, each speaker system is housed in a cabinet made of wood. There are multiple options for wood finishes available, including:

  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
Can you buy individual replacement speakers?

If you own vintage JBL speakers already and need a replacement for one of them, they are available. This includes replacement tweeter, horns, and subs. In some cases, they can be found in pairs. This is often desirable because then the quality of the speakers in both cabinets will match. You can also find individual vintage JBL components for each speaker.

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