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Find the Right Headphones With These Models by JBL

Whether you need clarion harmonics and thumping bass for work or play, JBL offers an enormous assortment of headphones suited to your specifications. Here are a few key questions and answers to help you narrow down your JBL headphone choices when looking through this vast eBay collection.

What earpiece types and fit designs does JBL offer?

For JBL earpiece types, choose between traditional earbuds, canal earbuds, ear-cup, and ear-pad. Available fit designs include headband (on ear), neckband, ear-hook, and in-ear only. Types and fits overlap on many models, offering the option of even more customization, such as in-ear earbuds (canal) and wireless earbuds for daily use in hands-free applications.

How do you activate Bluetooth on JBL headphones?

It depends on the type of headphones. Most Bluetooth JBL headphones only require you to turn the headphones on to activate Bluetooth receptivity. Other headphones require you to press a particular button after turning the headphones on. Consult your manufacturers instructions to confirm.

In many cases the item youre trying to pair the headphones with, such as a phone or other mobile device, will more than likely already have built-in Bluetooth support. Turn on the device and your wireless JBL headphones, and wait for your device to recognize or pair up with your headphones. If youre trying to pair your JBL wireless headphones with a device that is not Bluetooth enabled, consider a Bluetooth transmitter.

What are the extent of playback controls and other features?

Specific playback controls vary between types of JBL headphones. At the very least, you can pause, play music, and take calls at the touch of a button. There are also headphones that let you pause, play, skip to the next selection, and go back up to a previous selection. Playback controls are typically one or two buttons you press a certain number of times to execute a particular function. The selection of JBL headphones on eBay is quite vast, consisting of gently used and new-in-box (NIB) headphones potentially boasting some of the following features:

  • Adjustable Headband
  • Extra Bass, Radio
  • Noise Isolation, Noise Cancellation
  • Surround Sound, Stereo
  • Detachable Cable
Are there JBL headphones for specific uses?

Absolutely. JBL produces headphones for DJ activities, broadcasting, home use, and mobile devices. Generally, the high quality of JBL headphones means each type lends itself to an array of uses beyond its intended design. However, some designs, such as sports headphones, have fitted neckbands or headbands for enhanced stability during activity. By contrast, computer headphones tend to fit over your ears, have pads, noise cancellation, and meaty sound reproduction for gaming and media.

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