Isuzu Generator

Find the Right Generator for Your Power Needs

Generators maintain continuous electric power during outages and natural disasters. They are also great for providing energy in areas where power is unavailable. A generator from Isuzu can power crucial systems in the wake of electrical failure.

What are the main types of generators?

There are four types of generators you can choose from.

  • Diesel: Diesel generators use a diesel engine and an alternator to create electricity.
  • Natural Gas:Natural gas types can operate from an attached tank, or a hard line to a source.
  • Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD): An EMD generator uses Direct Current (DC) power and a diesel engine.
  • Portable: Portable models can use liquid propane or gas as fuel to create energy.

Deciding which generator to use depends on your needs. To figure this out, you need to determine what starting and running wattage is required and match it to your generator's output.

What is a diesel-powered generator?

Diesel engines are known to be powerful, durable, and cost-effective. An engine that uses diesel does not need spark plugs and can run for up to 30,000 hours without maintenance. These engines are equally suitable for big and small applications. They can be used at home or in an industrial setting. They also work well as a backup source of electricity. When choosing an Isuzu diesel generator, consider the following ratings:

  • RVs and homes need a 5kW to 30kW rating.
  • Commercial use requires 30kW to 6MW.
How do an inverter and generator differ?

A generator's purpose is to generate electricity from a fuel source. Inverters use energy stored on a battery to produce electricity. The power is kept in the inverter as DC power. It is then converted into Alternating Current (AC) for use by electronic devices. The battery in the inverter supplies a constant energy to the source. Generally, inverter generators are lighter and more portable than a traditional model. However, they tend to run for shorter periods of time despite using energy more efficiently. They can also be linked together to supply additional power. Inverter generators are suited for smaller, short-time jobs.

Is it safe to buy a used generator?

Buying a used generator is a great way to save money and meet your energy needs. Used units can offer satisfactory performance if you know what to look for. Consider these factors when looking at a used unit:

  • Age and total hours of use
  • Whether it was a primary or stand-by source
  • Maintenance history
  • Manufacturer reputation
  • Available load tests
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