Iron Man

Iron Man

Action figures can serve as great toys and collectible for consumers of all ages. Typically made of plastic or metal, they are posable and are often based on comic books, movies, or even video games. Whether you are purchasing new or used figures, there are Iron Man figures to meet your needs.

Who is Iron Man?

Iron Man is a superhero in the Marvel universe. His real name is Tony Stark. He is a billionaire, an inventor, and one of the original members of Marvel's Avengers. As a member of the Marvel Avengers, he fights alongside Captain America, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Thor as they engage in combat against the forces of evil.

What makes Iron Man a superhero?

Iron Man is one of the few Marvel superheroes who is actually a normal man with no super powers; the armor is what gives him all his power. Tony Stark originally designed and built the armor to both save his life and to enable him to fight the forces of evil. Since that time, he has battled evil both on his own and as a member of the Avengers.

How many suits of armor does Iron Man have?

There are many different suits of armor in his arsenal. In the Marvel universe, Tony Stark creates new sets of armor to incorporate new technology, with each generation becoming lighter, faster, and more powerful. Each figure you see represents Iron Man at a certain point in time, and the armor that accompanies the figure reflects the current technology of that time. Some action figures may include multiple sets of armor, a wide variety of accessories, and interchangeable pieces.

What are action figures?

Originally, boys were seen as being hesitant to play with dolls, so the term "action figures" was invented to provide them with an acceptable way to play with posable toys. Since then, action figures have become common toys with boys, girls, children, and adults. No longer seen solely as simple toys, some action figures may come with complex electronics and a wide variety of accessories.

Can action figures be collected by adults?

Yes. While action figures have been around for many years and have been one of childhood's staple toys, there are many adults who purchase action figures and display them proudly. Indeed, some adults have dozens of figures of the many Marvel characters. There are even annual conventions dedicated to the collection and display of toys, comic books, and superhero memorabilia.

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