Iron Heads Only

Fitting Golf Iron Heads Only to the Shafts and Grips

It's common to need to replace irons, even for intermediate players. Iron clubs are expensive, though, so many people keep the shafts but buy new heads. When you shop on eBay, you'll find a vast selection of new and used iron heads only in many brands. 

Do iron heads only come as sets or individually? 

Most iron heads come in sets of six to eight, although there are some that are sold individually. 

An explanation of the loft on a club head 

The loft on a club head is measured in degrees. A 23-degree loft on a club head will cause the ball to travel a farther distance with less lift. A 35-degree loft on a club will cause the ball to lift higher into the air than the 23-degree loft angle, but it won't travel as far of a distance. Basically, the higher the degree of loft on a club head, the more that the club head is tilted back to create lift underneath the ball. A higher loft angle on a club head is useful when a player is trying to get out of a sand trap or the rough or when the green is soft or spongy. See the manufacturer site for details. 

What brands of iron heads are available on eBay? 

Some of the more well-known brands of iron heads include the following:  

  • Callaway
  • Titleist
  • Mizuno

Get fitted for the correct iron heads 

One of the first things that you should do whenever you're buying irons is to go to get fitted for the correct iron heads. You also need to understand that the weight of the iron head can impact the flex of the shaft. If you're looking for new iron heads to replace the ones that worked well for you but simply wore out, you might do well with a set of iron heads that are the same brand and series as your old iron heads. If you plan on buying iron heads that are very different than your current heads, this can throw off the total weight and several other factors that are calculated in the fitting. When getting fitted for irons or iron heads, make sure that that the lie and loft angles are also checked to make sure they correspond with your body and swing.