Stream Your Favorite TV Shows in Real Time With the Power of the Internet Using an IPTV HD Box

With cable subscriptions dwindling every day, people are looking to different ways to consume their favorite shows. While some turn to streaming services like Netflix, others are still fond of the setup that televisions use. For those people, an Internet Protocol television (IPTV) box is a great way to stream their favorite shows in HD through an internet connection, all running in real time just like with cable or satellite.

Is a smart TV required to use an IPTV box?

In general, you will not need a smart TV to use an IPTV box or related device. The only requirements for most IPTV devices is a working internet connection and a port to connect the box to your television. In most cases, this will come in the form of a USB port, though other connections may also be usable, including a wireless connection in certain cases. Inexpensive adapters are also available on eBay to help you get things setup however your TV is enabled to do so.

What services does an IPTV HD box offer?

There are three main features IPTV boxes might offer. Which services a particular box includes will depend on the brand, so be sure to check the eBay listing for details or the manufacturer's website while shopping for devices. In general, however, you can expect an IPTV box to feature at least one of the following services:

  • Live TV: This is the simplest option that is almost universal among these devices. Live TV allows you to watch television as it is airing through traditional means.
  • Time-shifted: If you miss something or just want to go back and watch a show after it's already aired, time-shifted media allows you to rewind or replay the broadcast so you can get caught up. How far back you can rewind will depend on the particular box.
  • On demand: Similar to many streaming websites and services, some IPTV boxes allow users to watch movies and shows stored in a library of available media, either for free or at a cost depending on a number of factors.
What are some brands of IPTV HD devices?

There are several brands of IPTV top boxes and sticks you may be familiar with. Each offers its own unique take on the service, some in conjunction with a larger range of features. A few of your options for an IPTV HD box brand are:

  • Dreamlink
  • MAG
  • Beelink
  • Easytone