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Ford Focus Interior Switches and Controls

Your Ford Focus relies on various switches and controls to operate your windows, wipers, turn signals, and other parts of your Ford. Searching for the right interior controls for your vehicle can be simple when you know what you are seeking.

What types of switches work in a Ford Focus?

There are various switches and controls in your Ford sedan that control your electronics. Here are some of the more common ones that you may need for your Focus:

  • Rocker switches are found in the window controls of your Ford Focus. These switches have two controls. You press the switch to raise and lower the windows. Another frequent use for rocker switches are the door locks.
  • Rotary switches have a knob that you turn clockwise or counterclockwise. You will find these switches in your Ford’s A/C and heat controls, along with your headlights.
  • Stalk switches attach to your steering wheel and control your windshield wipers, turn signals, and other functions. These are available as individual parts, or in some cases integrated into the steering wheel.
  • Push button switches are standard to activate your hazard lights in all Fords. You can also choose to upgrade your Ford Focus with a push button that starts your car without turning the key.
What are some tips for buying replacement switches?

Purchasing compatible replacement switches for your Ford Focus can save you time and headaches. Use these tips in your search:

  • Have information on your car. You should know the make, model, and year of your car. Some sub-models, like the Focus ZX3 hatchback, may have different control options available to account for the design differences.
  • Determine which switches and controls you need to replace. In some instances, you may only need to replace a component of the switch or control instead of a whole unit.
  • Ensure the part includes the hardware necessary for the replacement. If not, find out what additional supplies you need to purchase.
  • Double-check that the part is compatible with your Ford Focus. OEM parts will have a part number that you can check to make sure that the part is compatible.
What is the difference between aftermarket and factory switches?

Factory, or original equipment manufacturer (OEM), parts are those made directly by the car manufacturer for your sedan. One advantage of OEM parts is that you know that they will be compatible with your Ford if you purchase the right part. With OEM parts, the quality equal to those installed originally by Ford. Aftermarket parts give you a wide variety of manufacturers from which to choose. With aftermarket parts, you can often find replacements that allow you to personalize or upgrade your Focus.