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Cargo Nets, Trays, and Liners for Toyota RAV4

These cargo accessories provide your Toyota RAV4 with storage or protection from the elements. These items are available from many different brands. They are also available in a variety of colors, the majority of which are black, gray, or tan.

Which materials are Toyota nets and liners made of?
  • Rubber: Many of the mats available for your Toyota RAV4 consist of a rubber construction, providing you with a material that is 100% waterproof and is built to be durable and non-slip. When placing these trays within the cargo area of your vehicle, they will trap dirt or water that enters into your SUV, providing you with the means of keeping these substances away from the floor of the cargo area.
  • Carpet: Carpet items are made of tough woven fibers to provide you with an end product that is both comfortable and durable. Given the fact that carpet liners and carpets come in a wide range of color options, it is possible to select a color for your cargo space that matches the color of the interior of your vehicle.
  • Nylon: This is a versatile fabric that is water resistant and works by pushing liquid off the material. It is resistant to abrasion and is fire-retardant. This material is typically used in the nets available for storage purposes.
What are the different types of Toyota cargo accessories?

There are many different types of items available for the cargo area of your Toyota RAV4.

  • Cargo cover: These covers attach to the rear seats in your SUV and are designed to cover the items stored in your trunk to keep them secure and protected.
  • Trunk organizer: These folding organizers can be placed in the trunk of your vehicle and help to sort the items you are storing. These organizers typically consist of at least three sections.
  • Trunk cargo net: These nets can be placed in several areas within the trunk and help to keep your items secure.
  • Cargo tray mat: These items can consist of carpet or rubber and are meant to protect the surface of your car from spills and stains.
What does a Toyota Rav4 custom fit mean?

When you are looking at adding a cargo net, tray, or liner to your Toyota RAV4 cargo space, some of these items will be available as a custom fit. This means that the items have been cut and modeled specifically to match one or several model years of the Toyota RAV4, providing you with accessories that will be an exact fit for your vehicle. These custom items, like a Toyota RAV4 Cargo Cover, are typically available in at least several model years, such as 2000-2006. If your SUV fits into one of the years listed on the product, this means it is compatible with your Toyota RAV4 vehicle.