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Upgrade Your Laptop or Netbook with a 4th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor

The 4th generation Intel Core i7, also known as Haswell, is a group of processors released between 2013 and 2015. The mobile version of Haswell is found in certain models of laptops and netbooks. New and used Intel Core i7 4th Gen PC laptops and netbooks are available on eBay for affordable prices.

What are the different types of Haswell processors?

Haswell i7 CPUs are divided into several distinct groups based on the number of cores, their power output, the socket type (how it connects with the motherboard), and other important characteristics.

  • Haswell-MB: This is a series of dual-core and quad-core processors with a PGA socket.
  • Haswell-ULT: This i7 CPU is a dual-core processor with a BGA socket. ULT signifies that it has ultra-low power.
  • Haswell-ULX: This is similar to the previous processor, but the ULX stands for ultra-low eXtreme. It is the lowest power processor available.
  • Haswell-H: This quad-core processor is designed for certain motherboards with very small form factors.
How do you choose a Haswell i7 processor?

Most Haswell processors tend to share the same sets of features and design. Where they differ is in the clock speed, which can be turbo-boosted beyond its base level; the memory, also known as the cache; and the power output, as measured by the thermal design power. The number of cores also makes a significant difference. A quad-core processor can handle many more tasks in parallel than a dual-core processor. Keep in mind that each core has its own clock speed. When you see the frequency listed, it refers to the clock speed per core. You can choose a processor based on your needs, whether you want a gaming laptop, full HD, more GB RAM.

What is the difference between an integrated and dedicated GPU?

Every Intel processor is paired with a certain integrated Intel graphics processing unit. This integrated GPU is specifically designed to share memory and resources with the rest of the computer. Hence it is "integrated" into the motherboard. This can help offload assets onto the main memory. A dedicated GPU, however, has its own memory pool, which is reserved solely for visual data. If you are consistently running graphically demanding programs such as video games, then it is better to use a dedicated graphics card because it can achieve better performance. Some laptops already come with a dedicated graphics card right out of the box or allow you to add one later. This dedicated graphics card can be designed by any company, such as AMD or Nvidia.

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