Integrated AMP

Get Cutting-Edge Sound with an Integrated Amplifier

Get the sound you want from your stereo by introducing a balance of tone and volume. This may call for an integrated amplifier that combines both power and audio amps into one unit. Find a wide selection of integrated amplifiers to do the job on eBay.

Will an amplifier manage volume and tone?

An amplifier manages volume and tone by capturing sound before any other device, offering direct controls to that sound. These controls are settings that an amplifier can be programmed to perform at. Managing volume is possible as the amplifier powers an audio signal and enables it to then travel as an electrical current. Your speakers can only understand the wavelengths of electricity and will need this form of power to operate on. Making this transfer allows the amp to play a central role within the overall volume of your sound. The integrated amplifier allows you to manage tone by dictating the variables between bass, treble, and mid levels. These spectrums of sound can be limited or enhanced directly through the amplifier. You can begin that journey with select models ready for you in an eBay auction.

What helps amps boost sound for enough power?
  • Direct connections: Inputs allow the amplifier to actually pick up the sounds you intend to project through loudspeakers. This connection is an important one as it must be universal. The wide variety of audio devices, which can be joined, doesn_x001A_t limit you to a certain type of music or a certain type of location.
  • Collaboration: This amp is designed to give you an eclectic mix of outputs for power boosting. The sound you send from the amp doesn_x001A_t have to meet the speakers immediately. This output is important because sound can be processed the way your ear suggests it should be.
  • Powering: Common power sources are used for this amp. Consider nothing more than a simple plug-in, whether it be from a 12V-outlet or a direct line to an active mixer.
What type of settings does an amp have?

The settings of an amplifier give you control over tone, volume, power, and effects. Effects are special features that alter wavelengths or add distortions and reverb. These changes are important to the style, location, and audience to which you_x001A_re adapting sound. The powering of the amp is controlled based on how much gain you want to input and output. This gain feature will power sound to give the speaker a rise in decibels.