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Land Rover Freelander Intake Manifold

A performance intake manifold can help your Land Rover SUV get more efficiency from its engine, transmission, and fuel. You can find a wide selection of Land Rover Freeland intake manifold replacements and upgrades. Understanding how these modify your SUV's engine performance and efficiency can help you make the right choice for your Freelander.

What is a performance intake?

Intakes are designed to make sure that each of the engine's cylinders on your vehicle receives an equal amount of air in the combustion process. The vacuum created by the combustion process can also be used to power other processes for the Land Rover Freelander. A performance intake can boost the Freelander's fuel efficiency and increase your MPG. The range of improvement depends on which intake you choose and your driving habits.

How do you choose an intake for the Freelander?The most important tip to remember when choosing an intake for the Land Rover Freelander is to ensure that you select one that will be appropriate for your intended uses of the vehicle as well as one that’s compatible with the make, model and year of the vehicle.What are single and dual plane intake?

Single and dual plane intakes mostly differ in how many plenums they have. A plenum is an opening that supplies the cylinders with oxygen. Sometimes, there is one plenum, such as in a single plane intake, and sometimes there are two, such as in the dual intakes. A single plenum will supply all eight cylinders while two plenums will supply four each. Single planes are most efficient in high-RPM uses, such as racing, while dual plane intakes are designed for lower RPM applications like local drives.

What other types of intakes are there?

There are numerous variations of intakes for Land Rovers. Below are some of the varieties.

  • Low/high rise: Low and high rise intakes refer to the height of the intake under the hood. Low-rise intakes will fit under most hoods while high-rise intakes may require adaptations.
  • Square bore: Square bore intakes use four separate holes that are equal sizes to supply the cylinders with oxygen for combustion.
  • Spread bore: Spread bore intakes, like the square bore, use four holes to supply oxygen. However, spread bore intakes have two larger and two smaller holes instead of four equally sized ones.
How do you maintain an intake?

Intakes should be cleaned from time to time, so when performing maintenance on your Land Rover, take a moment to inspect the part to see if it needs to be cleaned. Aluminum parts can be cleaned with specially designed agents that protect against rust and corrosion. Plastic or composite intakes will require different care than aluminum.